Mission Portfolio

IP Analysis Mission Portfolio: Using IP Filings to Deduce Competitive Strategy


An automotive parts supplier wanted to understand the impact of new patent filings by a major rival. The combination of new filings as well as recent patent acquisitions did not seem to make sense. They were in a line of business the company had publicly stated they had no interest in. Aurora GPS was not asked for legal due diligence – the organization had that in spades – but they didn’t know what it meant.


Aurora GPS worked with the legal team and R&D group to understand the nature of the patents and the relevant technical domains. With that information in hand, Aurora GPS conducted interviews with key stakeholders at organizations throughout the supply chain to understand the broader context. From several sources, Aurora GPS analysts were able to determine that the rival firm was making these acquisitions to better position itself for a major RFP to be announced in the coming year.


With this information, the organization was able to shore up its own patent portfolio in the relevant areas, even addressing additional opportunities exposed through the interviews. When the RFP arrived, the organization immediately made it through the first round of qualification where its rival did not.

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