Product Development & Product Management Analytics

Product Management Analytics

Innovation is the lifeblood of every organization. Supercharge it with Product Management Analytics

Aurora GPS helps organizations of all types maximize their chances of success innovating new products and services with Product Management Analytics techniques. The ability to out-think, out-plan and out-execute your competitors is a critical source of sustainable competitive advantage. Aurora GPS can assist you at any stage of the product lifecycle, from ideation and R&D, through product development, and into iterative improvements post release. The speed of innovation is increasing and the barriers to new entrants is dropping. All organizations need to prepare themselves to act both smarter and faster.

  • Focus R&D resources on those product and service ideas most likely to meet growing market needs
  • Discover the key factors of competitive differentiation and learn how to refine your product development to exploit those features
  • Maximize return on investment through incremental innovation throughout your product or service lifecycle

Business Outcomes You Can Expect from Product Management Analytics


  • Higher success rate of new product introduction
  • Shorter product development cycles
  • Faster product adoption
  • Increased market share
  • Increased profitability and less price sensitivity
  • Longer time in-field during the most profitable part of the product lifecycle

Product Management Analytics Mission Portfolio: Toy Manufacturer Not Playing Around with Augmented Reality


A toy manufacturer approached Aurora GPS for help understanding the opportunity to incorporate augmented reality into its line of dolls. Other manufacturers had experimented with advanced electronics and augmented reality, but none had captured significant market share.

Aurora GPS explored the barriers to adoption with augmented reality (AR), learning that consumer awareness of AR meant that only a small portion of the buying market was ready to adopt the technology. That small part of the market overlapped poorly with the doll market, meaning that it was little surprise that manufacturers had yet to see success. However, as awareness increases, AR will quickly become an expectation in the category – likely in 18-24 months.

Because the company’s product development timeline required 12-18 months to launch a new product, it quickly started work on its AR offering. This information allowed it to meet the market just as it was beginning to accelerate.

Three ways to engage with Aurora GPS for Product Management Analytics services:

Engagement Level 1: Single Product Opportunity Analysis
Aurora GPS will help you crystallize the opportunity for a single product concept – which features will generate the best return on investment, what the competitive frame looks like, and relevant market trends.

Approximate timeline: 30 days

Engagement Level 2: Product Portfolio Review
Organizations with a deeper and broader portfolio of products can select this option to maximize the value of their entire suite of offerings, discovering new opportunities to satisfy unmet customer needs and capture market share from their competitors.

Approximate timeline: 8-12 weeks

Engagement Level 3: Product Lifecycle Monitoring
Product development occurs within the context of an ever-changing market. Organizations select this option to leverage the global experience and perspective of Aurora GPS to continually maximize their product development and management efforts, setting actionable metrics and guiding the next generation of offerings.

Approximate timeline: Ongoing