Merger & Acquisition Intelligence

Merger & Acquisition Intelligence

Stronger together? Know for sure with Merger & Acquisition Intelligence

Aurora GPS helps leading organizations gather the Merger & Acquisition Intelligence they need to the most difficult decisions they will make. Many of these arrangements fail. Executives already know that. But wouldn’t it be smarter to understand potential fatal flaws or challenges before you sign the paperwork? Aurora GPS will bring rigorous research and global perspectives to bear, giving your organization an unvarnished view of the potential upsides and downsides of your M&A or alliance plans.

  • Solicit an outside opinion without a vested interest in the outcome to give you the straight answers
  • Find the skeletons in the closet of your planned acquisition, merger or alliance before you commit
  • Mitigate potential risks and downsides, negotiating a more favorable deal

Business Outcomes You Can Expect from Merger & Acquisition Intelligence


  • Negotiate more favorable terms
  • Understand the impact of your acquisition, merger or alliance on market dynamics
  • Walk away from poor potential partners earlier in the process
  • Focus on the best potential candidates for acquisition or alliance
  • Understand the critical success factors in advance so that you can prepare your execution team

Merger & Acquisition Intelligence Mission Portfolio: Due Diligence in Asia


A small consumer products organization found itself deep into negotiations with a new channel partner in Asia when it began to uncover unsettling news about its prior business dealings. Instead of pulling the plug immediately and risking backlash in a tight-knit industry, the company approached Aurora GPS to support the due diligence process.

Aurora GPS used a combination of publicly available data and industry expert reports to focus a set of questions for telephone interviews with key players throughout the supply chain. The analysis found that rumors of this company’s impropriety were just that – rumors spread by its competition to discredit the organization ahead of this planned alliance.

With this information, the company went ahead with its plans, boosting its presence in Southeast Asia and top-line revenues by 20 percent in the first year.

Three ways to engage with Aurora GPS for Merger & Acquisition Intelligence services:

Engagement Level 1: Individual M&A or Alliance Candidate Profile
Choose this option if you have a specific candidate in mind for a merger, acquisition or strategic alliance. Aurora GPS will provide a rigorous and unbiased assessment of the target organization and validation of the synergies you hope to obtain.


Approximate timeline: 30 days


Engagement Level 2: M&A or Alliance Candidate Landscape
Organizations choose this option earlier in the process, often before a M&A or alliance candidate has been identified. Aurora GPS will help identify the most promising candidates for further consideration.


Approximate timeline: 4-8 weeks


Engagement Level 3: M&A or Alliance Monitoring
Organization with dedicated strategy groups often keep regular tabs on the competitive landscape. But for those organizations with more limited resources, you can get the benefit of your own in-house M&A team without the expense by leveraging the global advisory capabilities of Aurora GPS.


Approximate timeline: Ongoing