IP Analysis (Patent & Intellectual Property)

IP analysis

There is more to IP than the law. See the bigger picture with IP analysis.

Aurora GPS helps organizations unravel the meaning behind their rivals’ patent and intellectual property portfolios with a complete IP analysis. Does a new patent filing signal a shift in direction for a competitor? Does a trademark filing highlight an upcoming marketing program? How should our organization respond? We work collaboratively with your staff and your legal counsel to understand the full implications of any IP filing. Intellectual property filings – especially patents and trademarks – are rich sources of competitive intent that many organizations fail to monitor.

  • Detect signals of change from your competition well in advance of product releases
  • Reverse engineer competitive product strategy by exploring their growing patent portfolio
  • Preview competitive marketing programs by exploring trademark and service mark filings

Business Outcomes You Can Expect from IP Analysis


  • Counter the impact of new patents by taking action in advance
  • Learn how to ignore false positives – purposeful distractions from your competition
  • Understand the value of possible patent acquisitions
  • Detect early plans from startups and new competitors
  • Blunt the impact of competitive marketing programs by pre-empting messaging

IP Analysis Mission Portfolio: Using IP Filings to Deduce Competitive Strategy


An automotive parts supplier wanted to understand the impact of new patent filings by a major rival. The combination of new filings as well as recent patent acquisitions did not seem to make sense. They were in a line of business the company had publicly stated they had no interest in. Aurora GPS was not asked for legal due diligence – the organization had that in spades – but they didn’t know what it meant.

Aurora GPS worked with the legal team and R&D group to understand the nature of the patents and the relevant technical domains. With that information in hand, Aurora GPS conducted interviews with key stakeholders at organizations throughout the supply chain to understand the broader context. From several sources, Aurora GPS analysts were able to determine that the rival firm was making these acquisitions to better position itself for a major RFP to be announced in the coming year.

With this information, the organization was able to shore up its own patent portfolio in the relevant areas, even addressing additional opportunities exposed through the interviews. When the RFP arrived, the organization immediately made it through the first round of qualification where its rival did not.

Three ways to engage with Aurora GPS for IP Analysis services:

Engagement Level 1: Quick Patent Impact Review
When your competitor files for a patent, you need a quick assessment of how that move is likely to play out in the marketplace. Aurora GPS will use a robust set of analytical tools and frameworks to provide a rapid, informed opinion to help you make informed decisions on your next steps.


Approximate timeline: 30 days


Engagement Level 2: Competitive Patent and Intellectual Property Landscape
For many organizations in complex, fast-moving industries, a single patent or trademark never tells the full story. Multiple organizations file and acquire blocks of patents at a time. Aurora GPS will help you understand the impact of those moves with a combination of analysis and human intelligence gathering.


Approximate timeline: 6-12 weeks


Engagement Level 3: Ongoing IP Analysis
Along with your legal team, Aurora GPS will stay connected with your organization’s Patent and Intellectual Property landscape, improving the insights gathered over time as we have the opportunity to test our conclusions from actual market responses and data. For IP-centric organizations, this continual assessment is a must-do tactic to improve strategic decision making.


Approximate timeline: Ongoing