Code of Conduct

Aurora GPS has earned its reputation as a premier intelligence advisor by working tirelessly on behalf of its clients, uncovering strategic market and competitive insights and advising on business strategy concerns since 1995. While we pride ourselves on tenacity and thoroughness, we recognize that ethics are paramount and we always operate squarely within those boundaries. Aurora works fairly and honestly, abiding by legal, industry, and our own strict standards.

Specifically, Aurora GPS will:

  • Be familiar with and strictly adhere to all relevant laws governing the application of intelligence, whether domestic or international. These include, but are not limited to, laws relating to antitrust and unfair competition, intellectual property, privacy, unfair business practices, and economic espionage.
  • Adhere to our clients’ individual ethics policies and codes of conduct.
  • Respect confidentiality of sources and data when a claim to such is made.
  • Decline business if there is a conflict of interest.
  • Ensure that any agent acting on Aurora’s behalf complies with these ethical guidelines.

Aurora GPS, and those acting on its behalf, will not:

  • Misrepresent one’s self.
  • Conceal or misrepresent facts.
  • Use proprietary information that it may inadvertently discover.
  • Use illegal means to discover a trade secret.
  • Enter into non-disclosure agreements in order to obtain intelligence.
  • Cause or induce others to breach their duties to their employer, or cause a person to jeopardize their job or reputation.
  • Engage in any dishonest practice such as eavesdropping, hacking web sites, or exchanging money to gain intelligence from a rival’s employee.

Aurora GPS will not risk its own, or its clients’, hard-earned reputations by compromising on any ethical matters. We respect the rights of all those we encounter in our practice and take great satisfaction in providing our clients with sound intelligence.