Legislative-Regulatory Impact

Legislative-Regulatory Impact

Legislative & Regulatory Impact Analysis Will Help You Play the Game to Win.

Aurora GPS helps organizations conduct legislative-regulatory Impact analysis on their specific organization as well as the market in which they operate. The reason is simple: Based on the relative market positions of different competitors, laws and regulations impact each firm slightly differently. Understanding those differences allows you to exploit the gaps in your competitor’s position and shore up your own. This is especially important in an increasingly global and disruptive competitive environment, where competitors can arise from literally any corner of the globe.

  • Discover ways you can exploit unequal impacts of laws and regulations on your competitors based on their business dynamics
  • Understand the potential impact of new legal or regulatory regimes on your business and your market dynamics
  • Gain global perspective, understanding opportunities and threats in new regions of the world for your products or services

Business Outcomes You Can Expect from Legislative-Regulatory Impact Analysis


  • Stay ahead of regulatory changes and protect market share
  • Understand how to shape legal and regulatory factors in your favor
  • Discover new global opportunities
  • Exploit competitive weaknesses
  • Receive early warning of potential legal or regulatory changes
  • Understand the unequal impact of changes on competitors in your market

Legislative-Regulatory Impact Mission Portfolio: Understanding the Future of Autonomous OTR Trucking


A logistics company approached Aurora GPS to understand the impact of autonomous vehicle laws and regulations on the over-the-road trucking industry. The company had tracked (and influenced) OTR legislation at both the state and federal level in the United States for many years, but autonomous driving rules were a new area, largely driven by Silicon Valley and not the traditional lobbyist groups.

Through a series of interviews with knowledgeable parties, Aurora GPS was able to provide perspective. Yes, autonomous legislation was on its way, but many lawmakers did not yet feel like the technology was “sufficiently proven” to ensure safety, especially in diverse (nationwide) road conditions where OTR truckers need to operate. Local and state legislation may happen first, and Aurora GPS was able to provide the firm with “places to watch” for advancements in law or regulation on this front to serve as early warning.

By having this information well in advance of actual laws or regulations, the firm has been able to work ahead to shape the opinions of key lawmakers and regulatory bodies as well as aggressively pursue R&D opportunities to ensure it is prepared for a possible driverless future in OTR trucking.

Three ways to engage with Aurora GPS for Legislative-Regulatory Impact analysis services:

Engagement Level 1: Single Issue Analysis
This option is ideal for organizations with an immediate need or specific question. What are the barriers to entry in a new market? How will a proposed change impact our competitors? Aurora GPS can put its resources to bear to provide critical advice and insights.

Approximate timeline: 30 days

Engagement Level 2: Legislative-Regulatory Impact Landscape Review
For organizations with broader questions in mind – or for those facing possible industry disruption, Aurora GPS can explore several possible impact scenarios, giving your organization early warning of impending changes.

Approximate timeline: 8-12 weeks

Engagement Level 3: Ongoing Legislative-Regulatory Impact Monitoring
The legal and regulatory landscape continually changes – not always in large ways, but it doesn’t take a big change in a regulation to have a major impact on your organization – or on one of your competitors. Leverage Aurora GPS to keep watch over these potential impacts, giving you the opportunity to act first.

Approximate timeline: Ongoing