Global Primary Research (HUMINT) Human Intelligence


HUMINT: When you can get the information no other way.

Aurora GPS helps organizations of all sizes use Human Intelligence (HUMINT) to gather critical insights and intelligence when all publicly available sources fail them. Although both internal and external data sources can be rich and plentiful, there are those times when what you need to know exists only inside the minds of a few individuals. What’s more, you may not know who they are. If you did, you may not know how to contact them. If you could get in touch with them, they may not want to talk to you. If they talk to you, they may not tell you what you need to know. Aurora WDC has built its practice doing exactly that – ethically and honestly collecting information from human sources to drive the most important decisions for organizational clients worldwide.

  • Use Human Intelligence (HUMINT) to gather critical information available no other way – or to augment and provide context to other primary and secondary research
  • Engage a global perspective on your organization’s critical questions – not just the people closest to you
  • Ensure your organization stays on the right side of all legal, regulatory and moral standards with an uncompromisingly ethical approach to data collection
Getting started with Aurora GPS is easy. “Quick Hits” are exactly what they sound like: You need answers fast. Systematic reviews will take more time, but also be much more thorough. However, even a systematic review simply captures a point in time. Select the third option – ongoing support – to discuss a longer-term working relationship.

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Business Outcomes You Can Expect from Global Primary Research (HUMINT)


  • Provide context for existing data
  • Act first on “hidden” insights
  • Enhance the effectiveness of primary and secondary research
  • Identify key stakeholders and information sources for future interviews
  • Draw connections between disparate sources, facts, and trends

HUMINT Mission Portfolio: Takeover Rumors – True or False?


A global credit organization needed to confirm or refute a rumor regarding the takeover or possible takeover of a smaller competitor. This rumor, if true, would create a new firm capable of challenging it in several global markets – especially the EuroZone. Executives were highly distracted with the discussion, hijacking strategy meetings for weeks with the latest unfounded speculation.

Aurora GPS conducted a global series of interviews with decision makers, regulators and stakeholders. No one interview provided a complete picture of the situation – and many would not speak to interviewers – even off the record. But piecing together information from several sources seemed to indicate that yes, the merger was indeed in discussion, but no, it was not imminent. In fact, the negotiations seemed to be coming to an unsuccessful end.

The organization kept an eye on developments, but refocused its attention back on its own strategic initiatives. Weeks later when information leaked to the press that merger plans were being conducted in secret and had broken off, it was a non-event inside the executive team.

Three ways to engage with Aurora GPS for HUMINT services:

Engagement Level 1: Quick Hits
This option is ideal for organizations that require a quick gut check of a current issue or strategic question. Aurora GPS will work with you to select the most representative set of interview candidates, understand their background, conduct interviews on your behalf, and provide an action-specific summary.

Approximate timeline: 30 days

Engagement Level 2: Systematic Issue Review
Choose this option if your organization seems stuck in its ability to understand and take action of a range of strategic issues. Aurora GPS will help you develop Key Intelligence Questions (KIQs) to guide the interviews, conduct interviews, and produce reports – keeping you updated at each step along the way.

Approximate timeline: 6-12 weeks

Engagement Level 3: Ongoing HUMINT
Organizations who are truly committed to continual improvement integrate human intelligence gathering into their strategic planning process. Aurora GPS will play an integral role as a dispassionate outsider, working hand in hand with your team to drive compounding improvements.

Approximate timeline: Ongoing