Competitor & Executive Profiling

Executive Profiling

Know them better than they know themselves through Competitor & Executive Profiling

Aurora GPS helps organizations understand their competitive landscape through deep-dive competitor profiles as well as executive profiling of key individuals within those organizations. At the company level, competitive profiles focus on more than just strengths and weaknesses. We help you focus attention on exactly those characteristics that directly impact your business success. Often however, it is not the organization that is the focus, but rather a specific individual or set of individuals. Getting a deeper understanding of that decision-maker’s background and tendencies will help you develop more effective marketing and sales strategies.

  • Dissect your competitor’s market position and likely strategic initiatives
  • Understand the impact of key individuals on your competitive strategy or sales process
  • Craft effective strategies that blunt advantages and exploit weaknesses in your competitors

Business Outcomes You Can Expect from Competitor or Executive Profiling


  • Better predict the success of your competitor’s market initiatives
  • Craft more effective marketing messaging
  • Win more sales deals
  • Separate key executives from empty suits
  • Know who to recruit to your team
  • Focus on the most important competitors
  • Quickly expose strategies likely to face intense competition
  • Give yourself early warning of likely competitive strategies

Competitive & Executive Profiling Mission Portfolio: Upstart CPG Competition


A consumer packaged goods company approached Aurora GPS for help understanding an upstart new competitor. It had detailed profiles gleaned from publicly available data on its long-standing competition, but as a private company comprised of industry outsiders, this new competitor was an enigma. The client wanted to know if they should be concerned, and if so, in what areas.

In a series of human intelligence gathering interviews paired with advanced psychological profiling techniques, Aurora GPS was able to craft profiles of both the company itself (its funding sources, major strategic initiatives, and hidden weaknesses) as well as the key executives leading the charge. The client was indeed right to be concerned. Without the devotion and financial commitments to established sales channel partners, the new competitor planned an end-around established players directly to the end consumer online.

The new competitor was successful in taking market share, but not from the client. Using the information, it quickly acted to shore up its position with direct to consumer advertising, building loyalty in advance of the new company’s entry.

Three ways to engage with Aurora GPS for Executive Profiling services:

Engagement Level 1: Single Profile
If you need a competitor or executive profile quickly – for example, when a new competitor enters the scene or a competitor hires an unknown executive – choose this option.


Approximate timeline: 30 days


Engagement Level 2: Group of Competitive or Executive Profiles within a Specific Industry or Company
Choose this option if your company needs a complete “refresh” on its competitive profile – your market share may be slipping, or you may be interested in entering a new market, or you may be interested in acquiring a firm or its talent. This option will help you decide.


Approximate timeline: 8-12 weeks


Engagement Level 3: Ongoing Competitive or Executive Profiling
Your competition will not stand still – neither in their strategies nor their talent. The most effective organizations keep careful watch on their surroundings to reduce the chance they will be caught off guard.


Approximate timeline: Ongoing