Win-Loss Analysis & Sales Effectiveness

win-loss analysis

Use win-loss analysis to ask why you won…and more importantly, why you lost.

Aurora GPS helps B2B organizations use win-loss analysis to understand the root causes of success and failure, providing your salespeople the actionable tools they need to quickly close more business. Your sales cycle should not be shrouded in mystery. Yes, you have data from your CRM on deal volume, velocity through the funnel and overall win rates. But why did you win? Why did you lose? Most explanations are simple, one-sentence notes in the deal record. If you want to understand the underlying reasons – and be able to do something about them – you need to dig deeper.


  • Go beyond your CRM’s funnel metrics to understand the real reasons you win and lose deals
  • Cut through the “stories” your salespeople tell you by leveraging Aurora GPS as a neutral third party
  • Build relationships with both won and lost deals by demonstrating your commitment to improvement

Business Outcomes You Can Expect from Win-Loss Analysis


  • Improve close rates
  • Boost deal amounts
  • Speed deal qualification (and disqualification)
  • Focus on the best opportunities
  • Understand the driving factors in your sales cycle
  • Decode the secrets of your best salespeople
  • Sharpen your sales process

Win-Loss Analysis Mission Portfolio: Medical Device Company Falling Behind


A major medical device company consistently fell behind its competitors getting its device adopted by major healthcare systems. It had success with smaller hospital groups, but it could not meet its revenue and profit goals on the backs of smaller providers. It needed to understand why it continued to lose deals with larger networks. Certainly, the competition was fierce and pricing tight, but this did not provide actionable methods its salespeople could use.

Through a series of interviews with decision makers representing both “wins” and “losses”, Aurora GPS was able to help this organization understand the differences between smaller and larger hospital networks. Price was not the driving factor (although that was the most common reason cited by the firm’s salespeople). Reliable delivery was key – the firm’s competitors knew this and emphasized it often during the sales process and in marketing literature. They provided guarantees and financial penalties (on themselves) if they missed their targets.

Using this information, the firm was able to quickly pivot its strategy to boost its focus on logistics and delivery. In fact, its delivery performance already outstripped its competitors, but they did not know to focus there. Within six months, the firms win rate improved nearly 25 percent, leading directly to three closed deals with major hospital networks.

Three ways to engage with Aurora GPS for Win-Loss analysis services:

Engagement Level 1: Quick Hits
This option is ideal for organizations that require a quick gut check of their current sales process – or for those with a large deal looming. Aurora GPS will work with you to select the most representative set of interview candidates, understand the background of the win or less, conduct the interviews on your behalf, and provide an action-specific summary.

Approximate timeline: 30 days

Engagement Level 2: Systematic Sales Process Review
Choose this option if your organization seems stuck in its ability to boost stubbornly low win rates. Aurora GPS will help you dissect your entire sales process, conducting interviews at each step along the way. The resulting analysis will provide actions to boost efficiency and effectiveness throughout your funnel.

Approximate timeline: 4-8 weeks

Engagement Level 3: Ongoing Sales Effectiveness
Organizations who are truly committed to continual sales improvement integrate win-loss analysis into their sales process and sales team. Aurora GPS will play an integral role as a dispassionate outsider, working hand in hand with your team over the course of many sales cycles to drive compounding improvements.

Approximate timeline: Ongoing