Mission Portfolio

Conference Intelligence Mission Portfolio: The Changing Pharma Tradeshow Scene


A leading pharmaceutical company asked Aurora GPS to provide conference and tradeshow coverage for six regional events that its staff did not have time to attend in person. While the company was focused on the “big events”, it was concerned that upstart competitors might attend the smaller shows first. It wanted early warning on potential threats – or potential acquisition candidates.


Aurora GPS worked with the company’s leadership to develop an appropriate action plan including key intelligence questions and topics (KIQs and KITs). During in-person attendance at each of the regional events, Aurora GPS analysts were able to collect data on six new potential competitors, as well as a new marketing initiative being beta tested by one of their larger competitors.


Using this information, the firm opened initial conversations with a selected group of the new competitors – eventually deciding to acquire one of them. Additionally, with forewarning of a new marketing initiative likely to be launched at the major industry event, the company’s marketing team assembled an effective counter-strategy.

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