Voice of Customer (VOC) Customer Insights & Engagement

Proceed with confidence by understanding Voice of Customer

Aurora GPS helps organizations understand the true drivers of Voice of Customer using deep Customer Insights. There is no shortage of raw data. In fact, your organization probably already has it in spades: Point of Sale data, survey responses, web site traffic, and much, much more. There is plenty of data, but precious little insight. Aurora GPS helps put all of the data into a meaningful context with a mix of rigorous and time-tested analytical methods combined with experienced human intelligence gathering.

  • Separate good data from bad data by understanding the broader context using human analysis
  • Use that new context to discover new insights from existing data sets
  • Learn how to put data to use in order to drive strategic decision making

Business Outcomes You Can Expect from Voice of Customer (VOC) and Customer Insights


  • Increase marketing effectiveness and efficiency
  • Segment your audiences
  • Close more deals
  • Discover unmet or undermet customer needs
  • Receive early warning on positive and negative market trends
  • Ask better questions of your customers to drive smarter actions

Voice of Customer (VOC) Mission Portfolio: Why Customers Prefer People to Machines


A financial services firm wanted to better understand why its customers still preferred human advisors while its competitors all had made the transition to automated online tools. Maintaining a large-scale human network put the firm at a margin disadvantage compared to its rivals, and the firm’s CEO was under increasing pressure from its Board of Directors to make a change. Was it the quality of the firm’s online tools? A quirk of the firm’s customer base? Or some other factor?

Through a series of client interviews, Aurora GPS was able to understand the nature of its clients’ reluctance to switch to an online-first advisory model. Clients did not feel a positive association with the firm, and they remained loyal to their advisor. Previous attempts by the firm to add online tools (and their rollout plans internally) pitted advisors against the robots. While the online advisors certainly could handle many routine client needs better than a human advisor (who might need to break for lunch), clients did not trust the tools without the support of their human advisor – and that support was not forthcoming.

Using this information, the firm rethought its approach to online client service. It engaged its human advisor network to pose a new question: How could online tools complement and build your client relationship? The subsequent relaunch saw a significant share of wallet expansion, quickly quieting concerns that the human advisors were “too expensive”.

Three ways to engage with Aurora GPS for Voice of Customer (VOC) services:

Engagement Level 1: Quick Hits
This option is ideal for organizations who are facing an immediate need to understand a particular client segment. Perhaps sales have dropped off or complaints have increased. Aurora GPS will jump in immediately to understand the situation and provide actionable insights.


Approximate timeline: 30 days


Engagement Level 2: Systematic Voice of Customer Review
Often used in conjunction with a larger-scale quantitative (Voice of Customer) research study, organizations choose this option to deepen their understanding of the raw data and put the findings into a human context.


Approximate timeline: 8-12 weeks


Engagement Level 3: Ongoing Voice of Customer Monitoring
Organizations who are truly committed to continual marketing and sales improvement integrate insights gathering into their everyday process. Aurora GPS will play an integral role as a dispassionate outsider, working hand in hand with your team over time to drive compounding improvements.


Approximate timeline: Ongoing