Market Sizing & Competitive Landscaping

Market Sizing

Discover the opportunities your competitors are missing with accurate Market Sizing

Aurora GPS helps organizations understand the scope and scale of their market opportunities through rigorous market sizing. Market sizing includes much more than the number of potential customers in a given market, or the revenue potential over time. A complete market sizing analysis also includes a full competitive landscape along with their strengths and weaknesses. It is not enough to know that your opportunity is large enough, you must also understand the effort it will take to dislodge entrenched competition (or educate customers in greenfield opportunities where no competitor yet has a foothold).

  • Answer the core questions of your market size: How many customers are there? How much revenue can we expect? Is the market growing or shrinking?
  • Understand the barriers to entry and competitive frame
  • Arm yourself with the knowledge to hone your market entry or market expansion strategy

Business Outcomes You Can Expect from Market Sizing & Competitive Landscaping


  • Build compelling business cases
  • Secure internal or external investment for your plans
  • Focus your resources on the best market opportunities
  • Learn the secrets to unseating competition before you even start
  • Accelerate market entry
  • Leverage market growth drivers to your advantage
  • Mitigate market headwinds and avoid barriers
  • Fill the gaps in existing secondary research with expert analysis and human intelligence gathering

Market Sizing Mission Portfolio: Security Products in the European Union


A startup security products manufacturer wanted to understand the market for counterfeit product tracking systems in the European (EU) market. It faced a series of entrenched competitors with intimidating market reach and brand presence. This startup’s investors actively questions whether they should attempt to enter the Euro Zone market, or whether they should remain focused on the US market opportunity.

Aurora GPS conducted a full-scale analysis of the Euro Zone market for counterfeit products using a combination of secondary research as well as interviews by on-the-ground analysts. The startup learned that although the entrenched competition could track certain categories quite well (luxury goods), it failed to have an effective answer for electronics counterfeiting – the largest growth area.

Using this information, the startup was able to adjust not only its entry strategy for the European market, but also focus product development efforts on the specific needs of electronics manufacturers with a clear need to stamp out counterfeit products that could harm the safety and reputation of their products. Investors rewarded the approach with additional funding to explore and enter the European market.

Three ways to engage with Aurora GPS for Market Sizing services:

Engagement Level 1: Quick Hits
This option is ideal for organizations that require a quick gut check of their current market sizing estimates or rationale. Aurora GPS brings to bear a deep bench of subject matter expertise to make sense of existing (often contradictory, and nearly always incomplete) secondary research findings.

Approximate timeline: 30 days

Engagement Level 2: Full Market Sizing and Competitive Landscape Review
Choose this option if your organization is considering a major investment in a new market. Accurate market sizing and competitive landscaping can save untold costs and lost time. This analysis uses a full complement of secondary research, in-field human intelligence and expert analysis.

Approximate timeline: 6-12 weeks

Engagement Level 3: Ongoing Market Sizing
Some markets – especially in technology fields – change so quickly that a point-in-time analysis may not remain accurate for more than a few months. Aurora GPS can deploy analyst resources to continually monitor market sizing conditions, giving you early indications of changes that may require a pivot in strategy.

Approximate timeline: Ongoing