Intelligence Program Development & Analytical Fitness

Intelligence Program Development

Build your analytical fitness through Intelligence Program Development

Aurora GPS helps organizations of all sizes with Intelligence Program Development, building the skills of their own internal intelligence staff as well as the experience of their executives in consuming that intelligence work product effectively. Professional development for intelligence staff is tricky. There are preciously few undergraduate and graduate programs in intelligence, so most practitioners have to learn best practices on their own. With budgets shrinking and time short, many intelligence departments struggle to meet their full potential to positively influence their organizations. Aurora GPS has the on-the-ground experience as well as the supporting industry research and teaching approaches to bridge the capabilities gap inside your organization.

  • Develop the critical intelligence gathering and analysis skills your college major never taught you
  • Train your executive and management teams how to ask better questions of intelligence practitioners and how to use that information to best advantage
  • Build staff capability internally versus always struggling to meet the need with outside resources

Business Outcomes You Can Expect from Intelligence Program Development


  • Build internal staff skillsets, making them more valuable and more effective
  • Boost a sense of cohesion and an intelligence culture inside your organization
  • Sharpen the insights you can deliver to your organization
  • Increase your influence and sway with executives
  • Demonstrate measureable return on investment for your efforts

Intelligence Program Development Mission Portfolio: Regional Mortgage Company Building Analytical Fitness


A mid-level intelligence department manager at a regional mortgage services firm approached Aurora GPS to build the skills of her department. She recently hired three new analysts to assist one senior level analyst already on staff. None of her staff members had any formal intelligence training, and although they worked hard and assembled excellent work product, company executives still did not give the department the respect she felt like it deserved.

Aurora GPS started with an evaluation of the team and its capabilities – as well as the capabilities and intelligence savvy of its executive team. Using those findings, Aurora GPS crafted a tailored curriculum to address not only skill building, but also communicating intelligence findings with executives and influence strategies.

Over the course of 12 weeks, the young team not only increased their work product output, but also the quality and influence of those deliverables. A member of the intelligence team is now invited to nearly all executive strategy sessions and board meetings, serving as the respected “voice of the market” as the company charts its next moves.

Three ways to engage with Aurora GPS for Intelligence Program Development services:

Engagement Level 1: Targeted Skill Building
Organizations and intelligence practitioners select this option when faced with a critical skills gap. Perhaps they have been tasked with serving the CFO’s needs, but do not have a financial intelligence background. Perhaps it is regulatory analysis. Or product development. Aurora GPS has the experience and the content at the ready to quickly get your team up to speed.


Approximate timeline: 30 days


Engagement Level 2: Comprehensive Assessment and Curriculum Development
Whether you are building a new intelligence function, or you are looking to boost the effectiveness of an existing one, Aurora GPS will help you get to the next level with a tailored approach to skill building designed to exactly meet your needs. No more hunting for generic courses online, sitting through thinly-veiling vendor pitches at tradeshows, or attending expensive degree programs.


Approximate timeline: 12-16 weeks


Engagement Level 3: Ongoing Intelligence Program Development & Conditioning
Just like physical fitness, analytical fitness requires constant training and continual improvement for maximum results. Aurora GPS can provide the ongoing challenge to you and your team to supercharge the quality of your work product and boost your influence and impact in your organization.


Approximate timeline: Ongoing