Conference Intelligence & Tradeshow Coverage

Conference Intelligence

When your competitors are all in one place, you need to take advantage of the opportunity with Conference Intelligence & Tradeshow Coverage

Aurora GPS helps organizations take advantage of the Conference Intelligence opportunities created when entire industries come together for educational or vendor-focused conferences or tradeshows. You cannot afford to miss those opportunities – even if you choose not to send your own staff. You may miss important clues on your competitors’ next moves, or fail to notice a small (disruptive) competitor ready to explode onto the scene. Aurora GPS will provide a rigorous and ethical approach to data collection, ensuring you aren’t missing important information.

  • Stay connected to your industry and its competitors even when you aren’t at the conference or tradeshow
  • Get early warnings on new product or service offerings from existing competitors as well as possible new entrants
  • Get deeper insights beyond the competitor’s press release or marketing materials

Business Outcomes You Can Expect from Conference Intelligence & Tradeshow Coverage


  • Discover new competitive offerings (often launched at conferences or tradeshows)
  • Stay current on industry trends and thought leadership
  • Track who attends the conference or tradeshow – and who does not
  • Objectively evaluate the attendance and energy of a conference or tradeshow so that you can focus on attending only the ones that matter
  • Learn which marketing and sales messages from your competitors resonate with real attendees, and which ones do not

Conference Intelligence Mission Portfolio: The Changing Pharma Tradeshow Scene


A leading pharmaceutical company asked Aurora GPS to provide conference and tradeshow coverage for six regional events that its staff did not have time to attend in person. While the company was focused on the “big events”, it was concerned that upstart competitors might attend the smaller shows first. It wanted early warning on potential threats – or potential acquisition candidates.

Aurora GPS worked with the company’s leadership to develop an appropriate action plan including key intelligence questions and topics (KIQs and KITs). During in-person attendance at each of the regional events, Aurora GPS analysts were able to collect data on six new potential competitors, as well as a new marketing initiative being beta tested by one of their larger competitors.

Using this information, the firm opened initial conversations with a selected group of the new competitors – eventually deciding to acquire one of them. Additionally, with forewarning of a new marketing initiative likely to be launched at the major industry event, the company’s marketing team assembled an effective counter-strategy.

Three ways to engage with Aurora GPS for Conference Intelligence services:

Engagement Level 1: Ad Hoc Conference Coverage
This option is ideal for organizations that are unable to attend a specific conference or tradeshow due to scheduling or resource conflicts.


Approximate timeline: 30 days


Engagement Level 2: Systematic Conference Coverage
Even if your team will attend many of the conferences or tradeshows on your list, engaging Aurora GPS to provide complete coverage will help you see a fuller picture of the state of your industry and its players.
Approximate timeline: 4-8 weeks


Engagement Level 3: Ongoing Conference Intelligence
Organizations choose this option to stay connected to their industry and its trends over time, using Aurora GPS to both coach and quarterback your coverage efforts – a combination of both our analysts as well as trained staff members inside your organization. It is a powerful approach that empowers your entire organization in the intelligence collection effort.


Approximate timeline: Ongoing